Spend Some ‘Time’ With Ameriie

Now this is what I've been waiting on from However she wants to spell her name now, I'm just happier than a mega-church pastor after the tithes and offerings get tallied up that she's returned to that sound that made everyone fall in love with her on her 2002 debut, All I Have. Don't get me wrong, she's released good-to-great songs since then and I'm all about an artist's evolution, but All I Have was all of that from start to finish. And from the sound of "Every Time," the first single from her soon-to-be-released EP, The Prelude, she's taken it back to basics with the help of producer Focus. It remains to be heard if the rest of that project will sound like this or what direction she'll go in, but this breezy R&B joint makes me happy like springtime nights and summer days. Hit the bounce to get into Ameriie's new groove. [H/T: RU]

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