Take A Voyage With Santigold’s ‘Disparate Youth’

Santigold has atoned for whatever "Big Mouth" was with "Disparate Youth," her official first single that rebuilds on the ideas that she put on her '08 debut and then some. It's pretty much the direction I wanted her to go in, leaving the cheap bratty jabs behind and sticking to the quirky riot grrl attitude that I love about her. Prone to always have visual head scratches, Santigold is slightly subdued and a bit more straight-forward on her visual for "Disparate Youth," as she sets sail on an adventure that takes her towards a remote island where some ritualistic voodoo is going down. OK, it's not docile, but it's giving me kind of a Romancing the Stone meets Vibes meets Duran Duran's "Rio" kind of vibe, which in all has me rueing the day when adventure movies didn't take themselves too seriously with horrid CGI effects and plot holes galore. From the sound and look of "Disparate Youth," Santigold's sophomore set, Master of My Make-Believe, is slowly shaping up to be quite the escapism album I need for 2012.

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