The Seshen Unleashes Their Self-Titled Debut

Just a few months ago, we selected Bay Area collective The Seshen as one of our Bounce-Worthy artists. This week, the talented group released their self-titled debut for the masses. Continuing in their eclectic blend of electronic, R&B, and jazz, the set expands upon the sounds we heard in "Pieces," "Oblivion," and "Canvas" -- all three of which have also been included here. Songs like "Upside Down" and "Static" prove that those three songs weren't just flukes, but only the first signs of undeniable talent. Truly, The Seshen finds the group taking firm grasp of their unique style and turning it in ways that are unexpected yet perfect for them, placing them firmly in a lane all their own. The only drawback is that "Oblivion" is perhaps the most upbeat the crew gets on the record. I would love to hear what they could do with a more danceable number. Still, that's a minor quibble when the album as a whole is just plain great. So head to the group's Bandcamp page to purchase your digital copy of The Seshen now. Even better, contribute to the group's Kickstarter campaign. A contribution of 20 bucks will not only net you a digital download of their debut and a few pieces of swag, it'll also help the group in producing a physical CD and a video for "Oblivion" as well.


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