You’ll Want To ‘Run’ To Sleepy Brown

Super funky OutKast/Goodie Mob affiliated singer Sleepy Brown is back with a new track, entitled "We
Run The Night," a mellow cut made specifically for cold white wine and two stepping. "We Run The
Night" premiered over at Okayplayer, and it's the perfect jam for the blooming romance of the spring
season. New music from Sleepy Brown is nothing short of phenomenal news for those of us who
thought he was the flyest cat on the "Trans DF Express" (I'm telling on myself). Mr. Brown appears to still
be sporting his signature shades and chrome dome, and although he's been laying low for a while, it
sounds like he still has the smooth vocals and sparkling charm that made him irresistible on "Can't Wait"
and OutKast's "I Like The Way You Move." Peep it below and tell us if Sleepy makes you want to get


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