Are You Here For Josh Xantus’ ‘Love Games’?

Josh Xantus has caught the ear of industry greats both old and new, and it seems he has the DNA for industry success. He's a classically-trained pianist, Juilliard alum and a skilled songwriter among other things. Given his background, you'd be right to have certain expectations for "Love Games," the opening track on the Everybody Hates Josh X mixtape, dropping on April 30th. I wanted to love "Love Games," I really did. But, by the end of the song all I could muster was a "like" on Facebook.

Jadakiss starts the promising track off with a mildly comedic (but insightful) dose of haterade, setting Josh up to bring it home vocally. This is where he falters with a flat delivery. His voice isn't bad -- it's actually reminiscent of Mario's. Close your eyes and you might get confused if not for the fact that Mario exudes a bit more vocal character. For those already familiar with Josh Xantus, the forgettable "Love Games" may get a pass, but he's unlikely to garner many new fans with this one. We don't hate you Josh, just give us something more memorable to love. [Photo: Sean Jamar]

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