Bobby Womack Lets Us Into His ‘Universe’

Despite having been recently diagnosed with colon cancer earlier this year, it looks as though soul legend Bobby Womack is going forward with releasing his latest album, The Bravest Man in the Universe, this June. Back in March, Bobby offered us a taste of what to expect with the emotional "Please Forgive My Heart," and now he's taking us behind the scenes of the making of the album. For the effort, Bobby collaborated with Gorillaz co-founder Damon Albarn and XL Records label owner Richard Russell and, by the short snippets of songs we get to hear in the video, the trio worked very well together. We also get to see Bobby talking about the effort and sounding happier than ever after a tumultuous career that saw him go from beloved to hated and back again, all while battling a well-documented drug addiction. Though this release was already on the list of music to anticipate this year, this sneak peak has moved it up a few notches to the "must have" section. Also, is that the rumored Lana Del Rey collaboration we hear at the end of the video? Can't. Wait. Bobby Womack's The Bravest Man in the Universe will be available via XL Recordings on June 12th. [H/T: PBB]

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