‘Do’ You ‘Know’ About DVA?

In my daily quest for new sounds, sometimes I stumble upon an unexpected gem. Such is the case with UK producer DVA. He's just recently released his full-length debut Pretty Ugly, a showcase for his spaced out beats that are great whether or not they're accompanied by the wealth of guest vocalists featured on the album. The song that caught me off guard was the off-kilter groove "Why You Do." Featuring fellow UK artist A.L., it's the basic story of a woman catching her man in the act...with another man. Yes, it seems that A.L. was having a "Bill" moment, complete with "trousers on the ground" and a "dirty thong" on the stairs. Yikes. Instead of being extra literal, the video for "Why You Do" is as abstract as it sound, with A.L. standing in the dark as animated hearts, flashing in a bevy of neon colors, float past her. If you're digging "Why You Do," then you'll be pretty happy with Pretty Ugly, which also features appearances by SoulBounce faves like Fatima, Vikter Duplaix and Muhsinah. Feel free to view "Why You Do" in all its trippy glory below. Oh, and for an added dose of electro-soul goodness, hit the bounce to experience the dreamy, buzzy "Eye Know" which features UK soulstress Natalie Maddix.

After the bounce

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