We Can Definitely ‘Keep Up’ With This New Ayah & Slakah The Beatchild Tune

My favorite part of any holiday usually tends to be the after. Once all of the shopping, preparation, cooking and/or travel that generally accompanies a major holiday is done, the day after tends to be that one moment you get to put your feet up, relax and recover from the frenzy of the previous days. And what better way to kick back than with some great music? Luckily, Ayah and Slakah the Beatchild have you covered on that front with the release of their latest, "Keep Up." A smooth nine-minute ride, the song provides the perfect soundtrack to your day of lounging. Ayah's voice is the embodiment of relaxation, as she rides the soulful ebbs and flows of Slakah's rhythms. "Keep Up" is available for download via the duo's Bandcamp page for $1.50, a small price to pay for this little slice of heaven.


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