Are You ‘Ready’ For Brian McKnight’s ‘How’-To Video?

Brian McKnight, has truly jumped the shark -- or make that humped the shark (shout out to Fave) -- with this "IfUrReady2Learn" nonsense and tomfoolery. Not only did he officially release the song as a single earlier this week, but now there's a music video to go with it that is equally as ratchet with the title "How Your Pu--y Works." Produced by the good people at Funny or Die, be forewarned that watching this will be 4:20 of your life that you'll never get back. But since I suffered you should, too, if for no other reason than to see McKnight playing with a vagina hand puppet or manning a vibrator-shaped miniature spacecraft. I wish I was making this up, but watch below for yourself to see something that isn't funny and needs to die.

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