Bounce-Worthy: SuCh

When an artist takes the time and effort to reach out to me personally, I think it's only polite to take a little time and see what it is they have to offer. If I'm honest, more often than not the music isn't to my liking, but occasionally I strike gold. When SuCh (aka Su Charles) sent me an email with details of her debut album, Stretch Marks, I was intrigued, not only by the album's title, but by the fact that she had a very nice website where I could get all the info I needed as well as listen to her songs and watch her videos. After flicking through a handful of songs -- and loving what I was hearing -- I hit her back for some more info and more music. She kindly obliged, and I've had the album on repeat all weekend. Stylistically it's a mixed bag, she channels her inner R&B-Diva with ease, but there are also nods to jazz, soul and good ol' pop music, which prevents the album becoming stagnant. Vocally SuCh is more than a match for anyone you care to name lighting up the charts, and any SoulBouncers who count Deborah Bond, YahZarah or Sy Smith amongst their favorites will find a lot to like here. Currently "Pledge" and "Mesmerized" are tied for my favorite cut on the album, so you can give the former a spin below and find the video for the latter after the bounce. The album is available now via the usual outlets.

After the bounce

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