Get ‘Live’ With Jazz re:freshed

My first trip across the pond was with my high school marching band nearly 10 years ago. Being 15-year-old knuckleheads, we were more interested in getting a Nintendo 64 hooked up to those crazy European televisions and putting each other in headlocks than truly taking in our surroundings. Two things resulted from that trip, a collection of exotic headlock pics and a desire to go back to Europe as an adult for an extended stay. One of the spots that I intend on checking out upon my return is West London's Jazz re:freshed. This premier establishment has made it their mission to bring jazz music to the masses in a fun and affordable way. Since their inception nearly 10 years ago, Jazz re:freshed has served as a venue for countless modern jazz musicians while recording their guests' performances along the way. Fortunately for us, some of these best recordings can be found on Jazz re:freshed Live Prelude. We get an audible glimpse of The Unknown Mystic Musound, Grant Windsor's 3 Five Blind and Dan Waldman Band, among others, performing live on this 10-track compilation. Stream the entire album below before stopping by the Jazz re:freshed website or Bandcamp page for the project's download link.


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