Hot 16: Maxwell Essential Suite

Today is the birthday of one of our SoulBounce faves and an artist who we need no excuse to talk about here on these pages: Maxwell. While we wait with baited breath for SUMMERS', the second installment of the BLACKSummers'Night thrillogy, we'll just immerse ourselves into the awesome wonder of his back catalog in celebration of his talent on his most special of days. To that end, SoulBounce has created a Hot 16 Spotify playlist of 16 Maxwell cuts to get the party started -- and ended -- right. Check out our Hot 16: Maxwell Essential Suite on Spotify for your listening pleasure with classics and personal favorites from Maxwell's Urban Hang Suite, Maxwell MTV Unplugged, Embrya, Now, BLACKsummers'night and his soundtrack contributions. All you honeydew-suga-chocolate-dumplin's out there can listen to this playlist and get plushed on some luxurious right now.

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