Ice-T To Bring ‘Something From Nothing: The Art Of Rap’ Documentary To The Big Screen

It's damn near impossible to turn on the tube without catching a glimpse of Ice-T. If he's not solving what seems to be the same crime committed by a different guest star each week on Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, he's living a reality TV producer's idea of marriage on Ice Loves Coco. And while some young bucks may have long forgotten, those of us with a little bit of gray in our beards still remember Detective Tutuola as a stone cold pimp on the other side of the law. In his new documentary, Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap, Ice shows us that he has no intentions of leaving behind his roots as he takes us on a journey across the country with what reads like a who's who of past and present hip-hop super stars. The simple fact that so many artists agreed to participate in Ice's project is a true testament to his legacy to the game as well as their devotion to illustrating the essence of an often misunderstood art form.

Watch below as fellow actor-turned-thespian, Common, shares stories surrounding his first rap verse along with a list of the films that served as early hip-hop influences. Also check the Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap trailer for a preview of a film that is certain to be shaping young emcees for generations to come. Something From Nothing will be in theaters on June 15th.

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