Jake & Papa Sing For Their ‘Freedom’

In a reality TV driven decade, we are constantly being introduced to new artists. We are allowed behind-the-scene access to their steady rise and rapid fall. But once the season ends and the cameras shut off, we're often left asking the age old question: Where are they now? Well, if you were wondering the whereabouts of the talented stars of BET's Brothers To Brutha series, you're going to want to give this audio emancipation proclamation by Jacob and Cheyenne Harrell, now known as Jake & Papa, a listen. "Freedom" perfectly displays the soul evolution and maturation of the two remaining members of the group formerly known as Brutha. While honoring Troy Davis, Michael Jackson and Heavy D, Jake and Papa sing a strong soulful song of deliverance and redemption. With their new mixtape, Somethin' Soulful, the duo aims to bring music back to the soul and style of the likes of Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder, Sam Cooke, Jodeci and R. Kelly. Somethin' Soulful is available for free download via Jake & Papa's website and DatPiff.

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