Kenny Lattimore Will ‘Find A Way’ To Win Your Heart

Call me old-fashioned, but I want to be sweet-talked in a song, not bludgeoned with crass lyrics about what you'll do if I let you do what you do. Kenny Lattimore has returned with a new classic to remind us what that's like. "Find A Way" takes us back to a time when it was popular to romance, and love was cultivated, not pushed, pulled or squeezed before it was ready to harvest. The lyrics are smart and the beat slightly knocks. The song is more refreshing than your favorite ice cold beverage at the end of a long day. Lattimore's voice has always stood out to me because of its smooth texture and his ability to make it crest and wane with perfect timing. He's been underrated for so long and may have released one too many cover songs in the past, but with the launch of his new label, SincereSoul Records, he will hopefully have the artistic freedom and control needed to push his career to the next level. His new album, Back 2 Cool, is scheduled to be released on June 19th. I, for one, cannot wait. This is definitely the way you "find a way" to win my heart.


"Find A Way" is available for purchase on iTunes (for a special introductory price), Amazon and Google Play.

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