Leah LaBelle Shows You How To ‘Sexify’ Yourself

We might have mentioned songstress Leah LaBelle maybe once or twice, so it should come as no surprise that we're featuring the video for her debut single "Sexify." The fun song, in which she instructs ladies how to keep their man coming back, was nice enough to make it on our collective playlist of hot singles. The video, however, is just a tad underwhelming. Of all the fun directions the video could've gone in, the director instead opted to just feature Leah walking around her apartment while talking on the phone. While cute, it just isn't that attention grabbing. Kudos for working in cameos for Pharrell Williams (as a pizza delivery guy), Jermaine Dupri (as the grouchy landlord) and JoJo (as one of Leah's girlfriends), though. Hopefully her next visual outing (which, if life were fair, would be for standout "So Hot"), translates a bit more of the pizzazz of Leah's vocals into the visual.

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