Let Tensei Take You On An Instrumental Journey With ‘Two’

Chicago based musicians, Simple X and Midas Wells better known under the stage name Tensei, recently released the follow-up to their instrumental EP, One. The aptly titled Two EP contains many of the same elements incorporated on their first effort with a slightly more soulful approach. The opening track "Passport" takes the listener on what can best be described as a musical journey. We listen to the landscape change as various instruments enter and exit the arrangement before we are greeted at our final destination with a smooth bass line and muted trumpets. The Neandathal assisted "Out of Bounds," takes the EP in a more menacing direction as the emcee vividly describes a high-speed cross-country escape from himself. Check out the aforementioned tracks below, download the new project for free, or support Tensei on iTunes. If you opt to download for free, then why not write a good review on iTunes as payment for some new sounds? For more Tensei hotness, scoop up One on the Plug Research website and enjoy.

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