Pharrell Is On Some ‘OTHER’ Stuff With His New Venture

What exactly is Pharrell's latest project? Is it a new music label? A PR firm? A front for the coming alien invasion?
Well, yes and no to all the above. Already having multiple income streams under his belt with record label Star Trak, apparel company Billionaire Boys Club and his stake in Diageo's Qream, it seems that the Neptunes spaceman is at it again with his latest venture. He's partnered with United Entertainment Group i am OTHER. The media group will serve as a content-driven platform that will not only focus on music artists, but filmmakers, designers, artists and other innovators through a variety of media, including online as well as television and film. How will he do this exactly? That remains to be seen. But if the promo video (which features up-and-coming artists Leah LaBelle, Buddy, Alyssa Bernal and Maxine Ashley) is any clue, it will at least be interesting. Peep the promo video below and speculate about what's coming from i am OTHER in the comments section.

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