Take ‘A Closer Look’ At Ayah

Way before she became SoulBounce fam, we chose Ayah as Bounce-Worthy back in 2008 and it's been awesome to witness her growth as an artist over the years. She's planning to break more boundaries and challenge herself even more, to hear her tell it in this up-close-and-personal video. Looking super glam while on the set of a recent photo shoot, Ayah sat down to chat about her career thus far and her plans to shake things up a bit and have her own Electric Circus moment, referring to Common's out-the-box album. That intriguing revelation aside, she also discusses where she finds inspiration and her desire to work with Andre 3000. After working with DJ Jazzy Jeff simply from reaching out to him on MySpace, if anyone can make her dreams come true, it's Ayah. Watch the video below, and when you're done be sure to check out her snazzy new website.

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