We Have ‘Faith’ In Laura Reed

Lately artists have been releasing songs with themes that seem to hit a little more close to home than usual. The latest artist do this is Nashville singer/songwriter Laura Reed who dropped a new video for her first single "Faith Not Fear" from her upcoming album, The Awakening. At the start of her visual journey through the Shannon Sanders produced song, she appears to be awakening not from sleep, but from a certain complacency that plagued her for too long. Decked out in white and gold with long, flowing blonde locs in tow, she perform-walks through lush, green wooded paths and economically depressed neighborhoods echoing her "Faith Not Fear" anthem to everyone and to no one in particular. Throughout, her inspiring message is the same: you can realize your full potential if you dispense with your fears and "count your blessings in spite of it all." Sometimes these types of songs are too cliché for my tastes, but Ms. Reed gets it right. Faith and fear may have brought Laura here, but her walk through the darkness helped us see her light.

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