You ‘Betta’ Get These New Fly Moon Royalty Songs In Your Life

Got caught up in the funky thicket of Fly Moon Royalty's debut album, The Woods? Be prepared to get caught up all over again as the duo from the Emerald City have touched back down with not one, but two new slices of out-of-pocket electro-soul. Adra Boo and Action Jackson are prepping a new freEP called Dimensions, which is soon to arise, but in the meantime to wet the whistle, they've got two slices of awesome to share with everyone -- and like night and day they are.

For day, a clever interpolation of the gritty guitar riff from Betty Davis' great 1973 track, "If I'm In Luck, I Just Might Get Picked Up," feeds the pulse of "Betta Have My Money" with some tinkling ivories in tow. For night, "My Heart Keeps Pumping" drifts on a brooding groove that feels a bit J*DaVeY in places as it escalates into a synth-heavy fever and throws in a rap verse or two. With these two divergent tracks, you can't say that Fly Moon Royalty doesn't have a groove for any mood, and with these two cuts you don't have to be choosy at which condition you're in. All you have to do is slip into these totally free sound duos at your leisure, and pleasure will discover you.

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