Austin Brown Will Not ‘Lose’

What more can I say about Austin Brown that hasn't been said already? All I know is if this dude right here doesn't go ahead and release his debut album, the universe -- or at least SBHQ -- might implode with anticipation. While we wait with bated breath for his Music Monday roads to lead us to Highway 85, Brown dropped "What Did I Lose to Love You" to tide us over. In this tune, Brown's silky falsetto is all dressed up in retro garb with drums patiently motorizing the affair. Although he maintains a style distinctively his own, you catch glimmers of Michael Jackson's undeniable influence on the rising star's voice at various points in the song. Austin is one "Smooth Criminal" for spoiling us with all of this good music. Here's to hoping that he quickly gives us a reason to look forward to new release Tuesdays.

After the bounce

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