Bella Kalolo Shows Us What ‘Good Things’ Look Like

We first gave you a taste of vocalist Bella Kalolo back in February, when she appeared on Electric Wire Hustle drummer Myele Manzanza's debut album, ONE. Now the New Zealand soul singer has released the music video for the track "Good Things Reprise" off her debut album, Without the Paper, which is available from her Bandcamp page. This upbeat and punchy track definitely lives up to its title, filling us with a feel good vibe thanks to its smooth horn lines and syncopated rhythms. The music video features Bella lighting up the screen with a foxy 1940's styled 'do and an umbrella. The simplicity of the music video allows the infectious track and Bella's bright smile to be the star here, continuing to echo the song's sentiments that "good things" will come together. And in this case, that's not a bad thing.

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