Bounce-Worthy: Sarsha Simone

If you are a lover of international soul music (silly question I know, otherwise why would you be here on SoulBounce!), then chances are high that you will recognize the
voice of Sarsha Simone. The name may be completely unfamiliar, but there's a warmth in her voice that you're pretty sure you've heard before. It could be the
similarity to soul singers from the past. The echoes of the late, great Etta James, or perhaps the recently departed Amy Winehouse. Or, it could be more familiar than that, which isn't surprising given that "Sarsha Simone" is the other alliteration filled alias of vocalist Roxie Ray from the Australian funk outfit Dojo Cuts.

As Sarsha Simone, Roxie, I mean Sarsha, channels a much more modern soul energy. Where Roxie is all '60's sass and crying out in pain from love's heartache, Sarsha is tantalizing, intriguing, fresh and more experimental in her sound. Where Roxie covers classics by Etta, as seen on the recently released Dojo Cuts album, Take From Me, Sarsha re-interprets modern classics by trashy pop artists like Rihanna and makes them actually palatable. Listen to her acoustic cover of "We Found Love," and you'll agree that she channels a raw, bittersweet pain, adding depth to what is essentially a generic, cheesy dance anthem.

Although it's early days in the Sarsha Simone project, the little teasers I've heard over the past few months have me antsy to hear where she goes with her solo music. Will we get to see the true spirit of Sarsha Simone, or will it be another quirky hat for her to wear, another side of the artist still known as Roxie Ray? Judging be her latest video, of her having fun with a new track over an instrumental from Canadian producer Muneshine, she's ready to embrace a more digital-electro sound, while staying true to her soulful roots. Whichever way she goes with this new project, let's hope it's not too long until Sarsha Simone delivers something substantial to formally introduce herself to the world. In the meantime, you can listen to and download her track "Blissful Night" from her SoundCloud page, and have a watch of the playful "Oh Boy" and her cover "We Found Love."

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