Join Cheri Coke & MeLo-X For A Little ‘Interlude’

Cheri Coke is keeping us intrigued with "The Interlude," the second single from her upcoming EP with producer MeLo-X. Maybe it's because her hair is the color of a mermaid's tail, but I didn't expect much. Sure, hair color isn't a dipstick for talent, but it did make me question what she was overcompensating for. After taking a listen, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Despite its title, "The Interlude" is no momentary affair. The five-minute long Solange-ish cosmic groove is about getting caught up in the melodies and harmonies of a brief sexual encounter and fiending for more when it's all over. The link is a bit of a stretch, but the song works so long as you don't overanalyze the lyrics (this little trick also works pretty well when listening to the radio). If you like what you hear, stay tuned for the X/COKE EP, dropping on June 26th.


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