Lenny Williams Has ‘Still’ Got It

Though I loved Lenny Williams' latest sing "Still," I must admit that I was more than a bit worried about what exactly the music video would be. You see, it seems that male R&B singers of a certain age tend to be on that old man in the club tip when it comes time for visuals to their songs, refusing to accept the fact that they have indeed aged and probably shouldn't still be behaving like 20-year-olds in their videos -- and even their personal lives. This can come off as either pervy (how you doin', Brian McKnight?) or just plain old misguided (yes, you Charlie Wilson). Thank God that Lenny isn't on that tip. Instead, the visuals for "Still" feature Lenny and his age-appropriate love interest sitting and enjoying each others company as they reflect on the times that led them up to this point. While they could've done a better job of finding folks that look like Lenny and his lady and making the footage of the younger people look a bit more dated, the sentiment of the song and the video still come through loud and clear. If you want to see how to age in the industry gracefully, peep the video for "Still" below.

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