Szjerdene Sings Her ‘Lullaby’ To A Packed London Crowd

Sometimes -- OK, make that a lot of the time -- I kick myself for not taking the leap and moving to London. Sure, there are the crowds to contend with, a functional if somewhat frustrating public transport system and the astronomical living costs involved, but it's the cultural and musical hub of the UK and plays host to some of the most amazing live music events that simply do not happen outside of the capital. For example, Amelia over at Put Me On It hosts a semi-regular PMOI Live event that attracts some major talent and the most recent show was no exception. Featuring live performances from Tawiah (side note: where is her album??) and Szjerdene, as well as a DJ set from Eric Lau, it sounds like an awesome evening was had by all. For those of us who missed it, here is a sneak peak at the lovely Szjerdene performing a haunting rendition of "Blue Lullaby," my favorite track from Patchwork the EP. Complete with feathered "wings" I think you will agree she cuts quite the striking figure on stage.

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