There’s No Way Rochelle Jordan Is ‘Losing’ With This One

Rochelle Jordan must've known that we were feenin' (word to Jodeci) for some new material from her, because she's went ahead and given us another preview of her upcoming EP P R E S S U R E. "Losing," as its title implies, is a song about losing one's self in order save a failing relationship. On the KLSH-produced track, RoJo channels a bit of Aaliyah circa 2001 as she sings against an atmospheric-sounding backdrop and hard hitting drums reminiscent of fellow Canadian Drake's "Marvin's Room" (which Rochelle just so happened to cover). It's another example of Ms. Jordan using her influences to propel her sound a few steps further and reach for something new. As with the stellar R O J O, Rochelle has released this track to the masses as a free download. If the tone of this and the brief preview of the set's title track are any indication, this go 'round Rochelle's sound is going to be heavy with mood. I, for one, couldn't be more enthused.


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