tUnE-yArDs, Questlove & Friends Take Fela’s ‘Lady’ For A Spin

It's been 10 years since the Red Hot Organization took their first foray into the music of Fela Kuti with 2002's Red Hot + Riot, and now it seems their once again ready to celebrate the late Afrobeat legend with another compilation. (RED) Hot + Fela, like its predecessor, promises to bring a new take on some Fela classics all in the name of raising money for AIDS/HIV research. Our first taste of what to expect comes in the form of an eclectic cover of Fela's "Lady." A song originally critiquing the aspiration of African women to fit European standards, tUnE-yArDs enlists Questlove, Angelique Kidjo and Akua Naru to refashion it. "I wanted to reclaim 'Lady' for women in the world today," tUnE-yArDs said. "Particularly African women, who will have an important role in ending the AIDS epidemic there." She and the crew can consider their efforts a success, as the song, while definitely having the spirit of the old, feels modern and new thanks to her quirky sound, Questlove's always stellar drumwork, Angelique's strong vocals and Akua Naru's fiery rap towards the song's end. While there isn't any word on who else we can expect on the project or when it will be released, you can purchase "Lady" on iTunes. Check out Red Hot's Facebook page for more info about the project and the organization's work.

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