Angie Stone Makes It ‘Do’ What It ‘Do’ In Her New Visuals

Can I be honest with you for a second, SoulBouncers? Though I think that she's a great singer and her first two solo albums will always have a place in my collection, I haven't really been feeling Angie Stone too tough as of late. Her most recent efforts just haven't been able to measure up to hits like "Wish I Didn't Miss You," "Brotha," and "No More Rain (In This Cloud)." Because of this, her latest single, "Do What You Gotta Do," didn't even register on my radar. Luckily, her just released video brought the song to my attention. Feeling like one of her earlier cuts, the mid-tempo song is pretty fun. The video likewise takes it back to basics, featuring just Angie (and a few other wigged-out Angies taking on backup duties) and a band (including drummer Lil John Roberts who is racking up the cameo appearances), it captures the essence of the song without weighing it down with anything else. Does this mean that I'll be checking for her upcoming album, Rich Girl, when it drops on September 25th? Not necessarily. But at least she's finally put out something that has made me pay attention to her once again.

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