DJ Jazzy Jeff Shows How Magnificent He Is On The Turntables

If you have never experienced seeing DJ Jazzy Jeff spin live at a party, then your life is truly lacking direction and purpose. No, really, that is not an exaggeration or me telling a tall tale. Trust me when I say that when I finally saw DJ Jazzy Jeff DJ at the GRAMMY weekend Kiss-n-Grind in Los Angeles in February 2010, my life was officially and unequivocally made. I literally had an out of body experience as he cut, scratched and mixed classic after classic like the master he is while I danced until I couldn't feel my feet anymore and left with straight hair after arriving with a head full of curls. Accompanied by his partner in rhyme, Skillz, who serves as his emcee/hype man, a DJ Jazzy Jeff live set is an educational journey into sound for anyone who calls themselves a music lover. In the event that you have yet to see Jeff in action on the ones and twos, then let this short film filmed by Cristopher Schafer and recorded during a recent stop in London at The Jazz Cafe be your funky introduction. Combining show footage with interviews with Jeff and Skillz, just block off the next 20 minutes or so and get all the way into this. As you'll see, DJ Jazzy Jeff isn't called The Magnificent for nothing.

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