Full Crate & 22tracks Want To Get Us ‘Dancing’

Regular SoulBouncers will already be familiar with Dutch producer Full Crate, whether it be via his work with fellow SoulBounce faves Jesse Boykins III and Mar, or Mixing Monthly, his collaborative effort with fellow producer extraordinaire -- and another SoulBounce regular -- FS Green. I should think many of you are also familiar with the Dutch website, a collection of new releases/remixes compiled by taste-makers from Amsterdam, Brussels and London (and soon to be Paris, Berlin and an as-yet-undisclosed US location), split by genre, with 22 selections in each. With me so far? Good. Well, to celebrate the addition of a new "beats" sub-section to the site, 22tracks have teamed up with 22 Dutch producers, including Crate and Green, to compile and release their first ever compilation, 22tracks Presents 22beats, and us lucky folks here at SBHQ got an exclusive sneak peek at it. The beats in question would be filed under "Electronic" for those of you wishing to put them in a box, but there is definitely variety here, with more than a few leaning towards the soulful tip. Check out Full Crate's "Dancing In The Douche" below, and keep an eye and ear out for the full release, which will be streaming on starting July 27th. They plan to have the compilation up on iTunes and Spotify, too.


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