It’s A ‘Wonderful Life’ For Estelle

I won't even sit up here and front like I listened to Estelle's most recent album, All of Me, in its entirety. I tried, but the collection just didn't resonate enough with me when I pressed play and I was on to the next after a few songs in. Perhaps if I would have kept listening then I would have heard the song "Wonderful Life," which is on the second half of the album and also serves as Estelle's next single to get the music video treatment. The behind-the-scenes style video follows her as she's on the road performing and her travels take her to the beautiful island of Jamaica. There she parties with the locals, eats Jamaican delicacies like fry fish and festival and even runs into Beenie Man. The song itself is OK, but it doesn't make me want to pull up All of Me on my iTunes. The video, however, does have me planning my next trip to paradise.

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