Jesse Boykins III & MeLo-X Introduce Us To ‘Zulu Guru’ With ‘Black Orpheus’

If like myself you keep tabs on Jesse Boykins III and MeLo-X, then you've undoubtedly seen or heard them using the term "zulu guru" without any indication of what it meant or stood for. Well, now the mystery is solved with the unveiling of Zulu Guru as Boykins and MeLo's upcoming collaborative album due this fall. The new collection from the singer/songwriter and emcee/producer is scheduled to drop on October 15th on the Ninja Tune label, and they're giving us a sample of what to expect on the track "Black Orpheus." Much like the single, the project will be a mashup of all of the sounds that influence these two artists who are no stranger to working together. Expect to hear a little hip hop, a little Afrobeat, a little West Indian music, a little electronica and a whole lot of soul. Taste their rainbow of sounds below on "Black Orpheus" and download this eclectic track from Ninja Tune's website in exchange for your email address. [Photo: Mel D. Cole]

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