Kwamè, Special Ed, Dana Dane, Monie Love & Chubb Rock Are The Alumni

I've said it before but it bears repeating that there is no school like the old school. So it's good to see old school artists come together on the comeback tip such as with this new supergroup who goes by the name of The Alumni, but who you may know better as Kwamè, Special Ed, Dana Dane, Monie Love and Chubb Rock. Individually these are artists who have delivered many a hip-hop classic in their heyday and collectively they have much more to say apparently as we'll soon get to see and hear.

After the bounce

In a teaser video for The Alumni project, we see Kwamè whipping around New York City in his Porsche Cayenne with some old school hip hop blasting through the speakers. But before you can do the Wop to "I Got It Made," he pulls over and picks up none other than Special Ed himself. With Ed riding shotgun, Kwamè keeps rolling and scoops up Dana Dane, Monie Love and Chubb Rock who all take up residence in the back seat. In case you were wondering, Monie is in fact seated in the middle. Personally I'm wondering just what it is that The Alumni have planned, and I will be the first in line to get schooled.

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