Phonte & Median Preach On How To Live ‘Eternally’

During my stint as a high school band geek I spent a fair amount of time going around the neighborhood raising money for various projects. After getting through four agonizing fundraising seasons, I never looked at anyone who goes door to door doing anything in the same light. Whether it be chocolate sales or passing out religious pamphlets, there is something really unsettling about knocking on a stranger's door uninvited. Well Phonte, of Little Brother and The Foreign Exchange fame, shows us just how far he is willing to go to spread the Foreign Exchange Music Group's message in the new visual for his Median-assisted track, "Eternally." The fourth Kenneth Price-directed video from Phonte's 2011 solo album, Charity Starts at Home, has the two emcees suited for their missions in white button ups, ties and bicycle helmets. These two manage to harass the track like a cat call on each verse while saving some lyrical substance for the hook. I guess it's true that the best products sell themselves as these suburbanites seem to be eager converts. Check out the video below and see if you believe, too. Charity Starts at Home is in stores now so quit waiting for that unsolicited knock on the door and seek out the truth for yourself.

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