Santigold Gives Us Something Different With ‘The Keepers’

Disenchantment is the key subject of Santigold's Master of My Make-Believe, and especially its socio-political track, "The Keepers," where she starkly criticizes that "while we sleep in America, our house is burning down." Santi puts her criticisms into action on the visual for "The Keepers" as she weaves an arcane tale of the distortion that occupies the red, white and blue society -- from us glossing over injustices, being morally disjointed and our continuous need to perpetuate racial stereotypes. While donning a blonde wig, dining on radioactive food with a Beaver Cleaver-esque family, and dodging bullets from Wu-Tang Clan's GZA, Santigold doesn't sugarcoat over anything in this. Directed by Kanye West's main photographer, Nabil Elderkin, "The Keepers," while engagingly odd, does pack a wallop to the conscious, and if you can't dig the scene, you can at least applaud Santigold for being an artist who doesn't stand idly by.

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