Temika Moore Is ‘Not OK,’ But She’s All Good


You ever have one of those days (or weeks, or months) where you really don't want to be bothered with other people and their issues because you've got problems of your own? Should that sound like you, then Temika Moore is singing your new theme music on "I'm Not OK." The Philadelphia born-and-bred songstress who now calls the DMV home released her new EP, The End of Me, this past spring and the collection is a project filled with honest songs about life and love.

Nowhere is that honesty heard louder than on the track "I'm Not OK" where Moore makes it crystal clear that she's tired of being an SBW -- "Strong Black Woman" -- who is there for everyone else except for herself. She's tired of playing the role and needs more than Calgon to take her away. Though her faith is tested it remains unbroken, and that, my friends, is strength. This may just be one of the realest R&B songs I've heard all year.

Take a look at the music video simply featuring Temika at one with nature below, and if you live in the Washington, DC area, then come on out to see her open for Chante Moore (no relation) at The Howard Theatre on Friday, July 27th.