Dawn Richard Takes A Walk On The ‘Wild N’ Faith’ Side

With Danity Kane and Diddy-Dirty Money in her rearview mirror, Dawn Richard is gearing up for the release of her official solo debut album, Goldenheart, on October 16th. Before that drops in a few weeks, she's giving us some more visuals from her Armor On EP with a music video for "Wild N' Faith," a mash-up of two songs from that set. The clip starts off with "Wild N' Young" before seamlessly segueing into "Faith" and the video's dramatic second act. I have to say that this is a mighty impressive video with costumes, makeup, choreography and special effects to rival many a big budget production. Sure, Dawn has enjoyed the spoils of being on a major label before, but she is doing it on her indie own now and hasn't missed a beat.

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