Emily King Is ‘The Best’

I've come to love anything Emily King and have been dying for her to release a full-length follow-up to her Seven EP. Although we don't have word on a new album yet, King let her fans in on a new tune she and her band have been working on. If you follow her on any of the social networks, you'll know that she's always traveling and sharing her music with the world. Performed in front of a live audience (lucky!) at Le Poisson Rouge on August 15th, "The Best" is propelled by a breezy drum beat, guitar, bass and piano. Just give me a hammock, an ice-cold fruity drink and I'll be set as I sway in the warm winds of these final summer days. Have a listen to all the reasons why EK thinks her mate is "The Best" then join me in petitioning her for information about her next project, the release of which can't come soon enough.