FS Green ‘Reworks’ Mar For The Dance Floor

SoulBounce fave Mar delivered a fresh bouquet of musical flowers this spring with the release of his Seeing Her Naked EP that was filled to the brim with sensual goodness. Four of the EP's five tracks were slow jams delivered in Mar's signature sexy style, which might have had you making a romantic call or a bad (or bad-meaning-good) decision. But as you should already know, there's more to Mar than making bedroom bangers and he's enlisted his homie FS Green to flip the script on two songs from the EP on Seeing Her Naked: FS Green Reworks. Green works his mix master magic on "Some To Remember" and "Her Past," taking them from behind closed doors to the dance floor. There are only two songs on this Reworks mini-EP, but my goodness I would love to hear what FS Green would do with the three remaining tracks from Seeing Her Naked. Seriously, "Understand the Game" is simply begging to get the remix touch. If and when that happens I'll have a soul clap ready, but I'll work up a sweat to these joints in the meantime.

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