Keyshia Cole Has Had ‘Enough Of No Love,’ And It Shows

Love will make you look, act and do crazy things sometimes if you get in too deep. In her new video for the song "Enough of No Love," a glammed up Keyshia Cole shows what can happen when you get to that point and lose your mind over a love. Seated in the corner of a padded room, she tosses her curly blonde tresses around in agony, and in another scene, flashes a devious "she can have it" smile -- she really looks like a woman on the verge. Keyshia emotes so well throughout that you have to wonder whether she was even acting. I didn't originally think of this song as accommodating a dance sequence, but there is one. While Lil Wayne delivers his verse sitting atop a piano under red lighting, Keysh and her girls work it out in another room. By the end of the video, a very serious looking Cole returns to the padded room, this time joined by the ladies in a scene reminiscent of one from Ciara's "Promise" video. Director Benny Boom hoped to limit the video's narrative and play up Keyshia's comeback by focusing on performance elements, beauty shots and fashion. I'd say he definitely accomplished his goal and helped the songstress start this album off on the right note. If you didn't care for her before, this video won't change your mind, but for those who can get past her sometimes sketchy vocal deliveries, I'd say give her another try; she seems poised to give us something worth listening to on her upcoming Woman to Woman. Delve into your crazy and watch Ms. Cole flex her skills.

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