LaToiya Williams Sounds So ‘Sweet’ To Our Ears

It's a curious case that even the detectives on Law & Order: SVU couldn't crack as to why singer LaToiya Williams isn't a superstar yet. She has the voice -- good Lord does she have the voice -- and she possesses more soul by the pound than all of the pop tarts dominating the R&B charts right now. But instead of bemoaning why she hasn't caught a break yet, we're instead looking forward to the release of new music from the unsung vocalist. LaToiya is cooking up an EP of fresh baked soul on KupCak'n, scheduled to be released in late September, and she has something hot and ready for our hungry ears with the song "This Love Is Sweet." Produced by Nottz, "This Love Is Sweet" sounds like a lost '70's groove but this is no rusty dusty retread. Williams lets her honey know that his love is the sweetest thing she's ever known on a track that would make Curtis Mayfield and Aretha Franklin proud. To make her return even sweeter, LaToiya is offering this song up for free via SoundCloud. Make haste to take a bite.


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