Lucille Ghatti Takes Us On A Natural ‘High’

After taking a trip to "North Hollywood" and then meeting "St. James," Cali-bred artiste-on-the-rise Lucillie Ghatti just keeps pulling stuff out of her stash in the week that we've known her. This time she went all out with the free full-length set, High Grade. With production by The Highlights, Goldsmith and Thelonious Martin, Ghatti's sophomore album is soon to be your drug of choice as 11 sonic charmers seep ever so lusciously into atmospheric R&B and greet your ears. You'd seriously be hard-pressed to not find yourself winding down when you hear tracks like "Water Fixed," "The Super Villian" and "Valley OG," all of which are accompanied by Ghatti's supple vocals and her attention to vintage detail. Try as you may, but I think you won't resist. As this week whittles down, this is exactly what is needed to bring peace of mind. So roll, puff, pass and download High Grade to give thanks to artists like Ghatti who are keeping the gamut of R&B alive and spry.

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