Now We See Why Sparkle Was Hurt ‘So Bad’

A few weeks ago, Sparkle told us that she was hurt "So Bad," and now she's showing us why. Scenes from her new video alternate between flashbacks of her and her boo during better times, the circumstances that led up to his dismissal and her alone, dealing with the loss of the relationship. As if losing a man she was in love with wasn't enough, the way she lost him drove the knife that much deeper. His hyper-blonde side chick was her friend and even helped her pick out clothes to take back to the boo. While her friend's moves were classless, Sparkle kept it classy throughout. Not only does she still sound good, she looks good too. I expected to see a bit more expression of the pain she sings about, but with the video closing with snapshots of her man and the fake chick taken by an anonymous snoop, and a "To Be Continued" notification, I bet Sparkle is preparing to set it off in the sequel.



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