Robin Thicke Is Giving Us ‘Life’

With ABC's Duets wrapped, Robin Thicke wasted no time getting back to the lab to ready the follow-up to 2011's Love After War. "Another Life" has found its way out of studio sessions with The Neptunes and right into my delighted ears. This new tune seems to have been injected with a bit of the life that was missing from his last LP, and is a good sign of things to come. I'll be a monkey's auntie, though, if this beat isn't a near rip of Leah LaBelle's "Sexify." Armed with the knowledge that "good things come to those who wait," Robin is covered in the glow of his love for Mrs. Right and is thankful that he doesn't have to wait for "Another Life" to have her. She's a keeper and for that, he's appreciative to her creators. "Your momma put that work in when she raised you, and God was thinking perfect when she made you." I like where this is going. Go ahead, throw this new joint on and be ready to step in the name of love because once the rhythm and hand claps hit you, you'll have no choice. [H/T: MI]

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