Sample What ‘Chill Out With Soul 2’ Has To Offer

There are numerous soul music compilations released each week, often rehashing the same old material over and over in slightly different combinations, but ultimately failing to give us anything we couldn't put together ourselves with a spare five minutes and an iTunes playlist or Spotify account. However, sometimes we come across a compilation that a) manages to sound like a cohesive album and b) introduces us to music and/or artists that we wouldn't otherwise have come across. Step forward SouLab's Chill Out with Soul 2, a collection of mellow, modern soul gems that will have you hitting up Google to find out more about each of the artists featured. SoulBounce favorite Isaac Aesili (one half of Funkommunity) makes an appearance, as do Bounce-Worthy German soulsters Weeland & the Urban Soul Collective, but most of the names were new to me. However, after taking a listen I will definitely be on the lookout for more material from underground nu-soul vocalist Allen Hoist, whose updated take on the classic "Summertime" is a perfect chill-out groove, and Japanese beatsmiths Slow Motion Replay, whose jazzy soul instrumental ("Down Stream") could be left on repeat all day.

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