Say Hello To Nas’ ‘Bye Baby’

Some of us here at SBHQ loved Nas' Life Is Good more than others. I happen to be one of those who dug his grown man style real talk rap, and it got no realer than on the song "Bye Baby," which chronicles the beautiful beginning and bitter end to his relationship with ex-wife Kelis. The music video finds Mr. Jones coming home and reminiscing about life with the ex-Mrs. while walking through a mansion with her clothes still hanging in the bedroom closet and her infamous green wedding dress (also seen on the Life Is Good cover) laying across the bed. Instead of having a Waiting To Exhale-style bonfire with her left behind belongings, Nas gathers her gown and decides to watch their wedding video with a bottle of champagne in hand. There'll be no toasts to the bride nor pouring any out for the homies, though, as Nas takes it to head.
Later in the video to match the story arc of the song, Nas and a Kelis-like character are seated with their lawyers and signing on the dotted lines of their divorce papers. Even though we already knew how this story ended, it's still kinda sad to see it play out over the course of four minutes. But the resurrection of Aaron Hall, whose voice on the Guy song "Goodbye Love" was sampled for "Bye Baby," for the clip turned my frown upside down. 

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