This Gizmo & Nick Hakim Collaboration Will ‘Lift’ You ‘Up’

From the first notes of "Lift Me Up," I knew I was in for a treat. As soon as Nick Hakim's buttery smooth voice broke through, the dust shook off of my musical soul as my senses were delighted by the incredible sounds flowing from YouTube through my speakers. I had been lifted, and from that space I found it hard to concentrate on what was actually happening on screen. While I struggled to focus, the white walls of an empty parking garage served as mute witnesses to the magic being generated by Kenneth "Gizmo" Rodgers on bass guitar and Nick on keys as he questioned where his soul would reside after he leaves this "crazy place." The two Berklee College of Music-educated musicians share screen time with scenic shots of the city and clips of city dwellers living their lives. Just when the music starts feeling really good, the track flips and morphs into the perfect background music for a Latin street party. If this doesn't move you, you need to have your soul meter checked because it's clearly malfunctioning. "Lift Me Up" is the second single from Gizmo's forthcoming genre-bending album, Red Balloon. Until we learn of the LP's release date, hold on tight, press play and prepare to get lifted.

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