Watch Body Language Have A ‘Falling Out’

Brooklyn-based electro-soul quartet Body Language has been making some noise for a while now, and a lot of that has to do with their infectious modern take on '80's R&B sensibilities with songs like "You Can" and "Falling Out." Speaking of the latter, the crew has finally gotten around to releasing a video for the nearly two-year-old single that first brought them to my attention. While I must admit that I'm a bit miffed that they didn't bring a story for this one like they did with the video for "You Can" (especially since I've been imagining what this video would look like since I've heard the song), I can't be mad at what they did deliver. The crew opted to go the live performance route, letting music lovers in on what a Body Language performance can be like. And while the performance shots are interesting, the best part of the video is examining the many style incarnations of group member Angelica Bess, who changes from pink wig to short 'fro to box braids while wearing a few interesting outfits. If this clip whets your appetite to see the foursome live, you'll get your chance if you plan to attend DC's Trillectro next weekend or NYC's AfroPunk Festival August 25-26.